Beautiful Boucle

Have you had the chance to experience a boucle yarn yet? Boucle comes from the French word “boucler” meaning “to buckle or curl”. This type of novelty yarn is one you recognize when you see it; you can observe loops of similar size, ranging from tiny circlets to larger curls, along the length of the yarn. To make bouclé, at least two strands are combined, with the tension on one strand being much looser than the other as it is being plied; the loose strand forms the loops and the other strand is the anchor. Red Barn Yarn offers a variety of boucle yarn: Loopy Mohair, Curly Locks, Big Boucle, Boucle Sparkle, and Silk Boucle.

Boucles are great for adding texture and interest to your projects, where simple stitch designs will allow the natural beauty show. When held together with another yarn, you will find it is a bit easier to work the stitches. Perhaps these projects will inspire your next project. Bunnyknitter’s Miffy bunny, above left, looks cute and cuddly and just ready to be pet. In the center are czernakralik’s Fluffy Bunny Slippers that truly capture a vintage feel. You can also use boucle as an accent on your colorwork in a pattern, in a manner similar to embroidery, shown above right.

Boucle is not limited to small projects such as those, here are a few that caught our eye on Ravelry! The softness of this yarn is perfect for next-to-skin garments and accessories. Cuddle your little one in a sweet little bear jacket like Cubby. As the holidays get closer each day, why not take care of a few special people on your gift list with a luxurious scarf similar to sarahmontie’s Italian Scarf? This Tomtom Jacket knit by dalynn1997 is just precious and so cozy!

Love of Knitting has a great new kit for sale for the new “Under the Mistletoe” stole pattern and the Red Barn Yarn Big Boucle and Silk Ribbon with which to make it. This is a wonderful accessory to make now and be dazzling at your holiday parties! How have you brought boucle into your projects? We would love for you to share them with us on our Facebook page or in our Ravelry group!

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  1. I bought the magazine with this pattern in it, and thought I would make them for my 5 daughters for Christmas… it possible to buy just the yarn and not the silk ribbon? I cannot find any online retailers who carry Red Barn Yarn, and I do not live by any yarn shops that carry it. thank you.

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