News about Red Barn Yarn

We are so happy to announce our move from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles,  to the peaceful surroundings of Palm Springs, California.  Many changes have occurred.  I am no longer working a 9-5 job that takes me from my true love and passion,  all things fiber, textile, color, fabric,  to name a few.  We have completed renovating the home we are living in,  and I am in a position to devote all the time I want to my beloved yarn company.  I have the ability to open my home studio, by appointment, for now,  and for open knitting, crocheting,  or any form of hand sewing in the near future!   I still have just those 70 or 80 production colors that you can find on the website,  and  the standard variegated combinations, also on the website,  but the fun ones are those ” Uniquities”  the one-of-a-kind, paintings on a skein of yarn,  inspired by nature,   that you can only purchase in the studio.   So,  feel free to reach out to me by email,  if you would like an appointment.

I was happy to look at the  Pantone Colors for 2017  and to learn that what is “new”  for 2017  are colors from within my existing palette of production colors,  whoo hoo!  Apparently  the 2017 ” color of the year” is our color Peridot,  introduced about 3 years ago.  ( I like to plan ahead!)


My plans for new colorways,  center around team colors.  I have long wanted to do something in this vein,  and for now,  the first one will be to honor one of my favorites,  the Ohio State Buckeyes  and do a red and gray combo. In RBY-speak   that would be Holiday Red  and Charcoal.  I plan to do my 2 color skeins,  so you will knit or crochet  starting with one color, ending with the second color.

Does that look  like those Buckeyes, or what?   You can order now,  if you like,  just by emailing me,  or stay tuned to find this on the web site.  You may also place requests  for your favorite team colors.

Happy knitting, crocheting, quilting or whatever your passion of the moment is,

Painted with Passion,


Red Barn Yarn


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