Red Barn updates

We are still enjoying, our move from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles,  to the peaceful surroundings of Palm Springs, CA, sunny skies, tennis and spending time in my studio.

Since we last sent out a newsletter,  I wonder how I found time to work at all.  My true passion is all things fiber, textile, color, fabric,   and not so much social media administration.

Towards that end,  I am condensing my social media tools to the wonderfully expanded options provided by Facebook.  So,  you can find us there,  and oh yes,  it is so much easier to use,  and fits my yarn company so much better.

The studio is open by appointment,  so just reach me through the website and email,  or you can actually set up your own appointment right through Facebook.  I still offer the service of  knitting help if it is needed,  as well as shopping for the yarns that are created and finished,  waiting for new homes away from the studio.

I still have just those 70 or 80 production colors that you can find on the website,  and  the standard variegated combinations, also on the website,  but the fun ones are those “Uniquities”,   the one-of-a-kind, paintings on a skein of yarn,  inspired by nature,   that you can only purchase in the studio.   So,  feel free to reach out to me by email,  if you would like an appointment.

These beauties, one of my coordinated bundles, which are usually two or three uniquities and one tonal solid,  recently went to their new home in Canada,  along with some mink,  done in the colorway Acorn.  Lucky knitter!


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Happy knitting, crocheting, quilting or whatever your passion of the moment is,


Painted with Passion,


Red Barn Yarn






Color Abundance

color-card-fan--021Did you know when Red Barn Yarn began, only 24 colors were offered? Now, we have over 60 different colorways, not including the one-of-a-kind “Uniquities” that are available at events and workshops. The colors are inspired by nature and the world around us. Some names will make you chuckle, others may help you dream; they will definitely encourage you to create.

rainbow-cardi--back-view-2The Rainbow Cardi #209  by Helen Hamann is comprised of squares in 20 different colors, knitted in intarsia in a full circle of hues. The sample shown here was knit in Red Barn Yarn Raw Silk & Wool.

Gems-and-Jewels-January-201Variegated yarns, and many of our Uniquities, are so pleasing because they combine a number of different colors within one skein. There are many simple stitch patterns that result in high impact garments and accessories because they allow the colors of the yarn to really take center stage, for example the chevron pattern combined with our variegated yarn shown above. Below is one of the Uniquities knit in a simple eyelet lace scarf.


Chevron scarf  raw silk and wool  v1 DSCF0142Combining a tonal solid with a variegated colorway is another way in which to make the most of our fabulous colorways. Chevrons Galore by Sarah Bradbury is the pattern shown here and is knit in Raw Silk & Wool (Coral Bells) combined with Uniquities. This is a great pattern as you just knit until the yarn runs out!

WWcolorbasketHow do you “Paint with Passion” with our yarns? Do you like to mix and match colors or do you prefer more tonal and solid colored projects? We encourage you to share your projects with us in our Ravelry group, on our Facebook page or even tag us in a Tweet!

What’s New at Red Barn Yarn!

Spring has arrived…and people have been busy with Red Barn Yarn!

Chevron Scarf inspired by fashion pages of the Arizona Republic,  Jan 22, 2010.   As knit in RBY product: raw silk and wool,  using 1 skein coral bells,  1 uniquity,  in those  Sedona  colors.  Instructions available on Ravelry for various chevron patterns.  We used   Chevrons Galore, Sarah Bradberry,  Eyelet Lace Version 2.

Pattern #26 by Tanis Gray.  As knit  in RBY worsted product: Iris.  For pattern, go to:  Ravelry/People/Tanis Gray/Designs/Pattern #26.   As seen in Knit Simple.

Copernicus by Tanis Gray.  As knit in RBY worsted product: Lobelia.  For pattern,go to:  Ravelry/People/Tanis Gray/Designs/ Copernicus.

For more patterns, colors, or if you have any questions, please visit our website at  Happy Knitting!